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The Flow of Trends!


Do we have the ability to unwind from the emotional and psychological stressors we experienced this year? Sure! It’s been an up-and-down trip for the human race as a whole. Amid all the chaos, businesses worldwide are working on increasing awareness about their brand by taking note of the latest trends in branding because they are aware of the fine distinction that separates managing their business and providing empathy to their customers as well as employees.


This year’s year has seen several specific trends encouraging compassion and empathy. Most often, it was through aesthetics or content created by users, simple web designs, and bold and experimental typography. What kind of new trends in branding can we expect to experience in the next year is the real question!


What exactly is Brand Identity encompass?

Knowing the necessity of creating a solid brand identity will be the initial step to distinguishing yourself from competitors and making a name for yourself in the market. In the past, a logo was often confused with a brand name, and marketers were comfortable with that notion.


However, as we progress toward further advancements in branding, it is clear that a logo is only one of the branding elements for a business. More than a logo is needed; many other features form a complete branding strategy.


Projecting the Future of Branding Trends!


The question is, in the constantly changing digital landscape, How do we build a solid brand identity that can change with the times and remains inscribed into the minds of our audience regardless of how many years pass? A brand evangelist or strategy creator must keep up with the latest trends and directly affect clients’ preferences.


While 2022 is still in motion, let’s look at some of the branding trends that will be dominant in 2021. We’ll also look at some recent trends that are likely to continue to be popular in the following year too.


Designing your Logo Flexible and Scalable

Your company’s name must be seen everywhere by everyone and everyone. To thrive in this digital age, your logo needs to change shape and size depending on the purpose it’s being employed to serve. It is essential to design forms that change shape and size, which can be scalable and flexible and maintain your brand’s essence. This trend is already evident in 2020 and is expected to continue to be seen in 2021. How do you accomplish this? Simple. Make sure you have a standard logo for your business’s website and a more simple image for the social channels you are using.


Another approach is to use an oblique logo that can be used as a watermark on photographs or documents. This can guarantee consistency regardless of the format in which the logo is displayed. This flexibility improves your chances of recalling your brand, provides the customer with a variety, and helps them to identify your brand in various ways.


Making connections with Target Audience through Engaging Brand Stories


Two thousand twenty-two branding trends witnessed an increase in people keen to know the history or the backstory of the brand, not just about the product. This phenomenon stems from the countless amounts of information accessible at one click and our increasing interest in knowing the person behind a brand. Ultimately, businesses must provide a more intimate connection to their clients beyond the transaction.


This year, several companies have decided to make their story public on social media and create a connection with the public. These initiatives have assisted in reaching their potential customers and driving expansion. 2023 is also going to be about these social connections and reactions that make consumers emotionally connected to the inspirational stories of the brand.


Developing a Simple & Minimal Brand Identity



2021 and after will be all about simplicity in branding. This is because straightforward branding will make it easier for customers to recognize your brand among the thousands of other brands. Brands will move towards a minimalistic style and remove any clutter in their current branding.


A good example would be Google fashion brands like Balmain, and Balenciaga, who have altered their logos to the most basic form possible, employing simple but straightforward typefaces, sans serif. Brands such as Glossier, Uniqlo, etc., focus on more minor colors and less negative space, making their brand image less appealing. A unique approach to managing their brand will give them a greater chance of becoming iconic. It is evident in the case of Nike and Levi’s, the most famous brands, regardless of what background their logos appear on.


Mixing Original video content with brand Graphic Designs



A surge of videos was incorporated into graphic designs towards the end of the year. In the same year, many instances of video animations were integrated into visual arrangements. However, the trends in branding design in 2023 will include many video-related contents that directly affect the brand’s image.


Marketers must find innovative ways to make videos work perfectly with their brand’s marketing materials. Animations specific to brands, GIFs, and short explanation videos are effective strategies to get more people’s attention than they are now. The brand needs to communicate its messages and values via videos for better communication with potential customers.


Leveraging “Nostalgia” in Branding



Sometimes, all the latest trends in branding hashtags, the requirement to stay on top of the latest trends – can be exhausting for clients. In addition, every day, the fashions shift. Therefore, keeping pace becomes difficult. In this case, it is a good idea to have a blast from the past can be a powerful tool.


A growing number of marketers are beginning to use this method of nostalgia branding to convey their message. They will relive the memories of how things were and associate positive emotions with their products or services. A bid to invoke memories can increase the chance of recall in a significant way. Like Spotify, Microsoft also did, using an homage to the ’90s and 80’s pop-cultures and then compared it to the year 2019. 2023 will bring the return of more.


Your Branding can be more responsible and accountable


The most important thing we’ve learned from 2022 and are still learning is that we must be accountable. The pandemic’s sudden outbreak will teach us how to become compassionate and protect each other. A more responsible approach to life will influence how branding will be implemented in 2021. Brands and marketers are looking at ways to make their branding more accountable and socially responsible.


The consumers will be able to experience the human side of brands, creating an impactful brand that can stand the age. The trends in branding of the future suggest that the more responsible and socially conscious your brand will be, the better well-known it will be to the people you want to reach.


Making Clever use of Minimalism

Similar to the third point, minimalist branding initiatives are the next trend we expect to see over the next year. Eliminating your brand’s message of irrelevant elements and focusing solely on the brand’s value, notes and concepts is the new standard for all brand strategists.


We have witnessed several examples of companies flattening their logos by using solid colors; they avoid complicated typography and gradients, making reaching out to their intended segment easier. Even reflections of this minimalistic style on the packaging help consumers understand the purpose of the product inside. These adaptable concepts to reduce clutter and accessories are more valuable than we can imagine.


Communicating your brand Ethos via Social Media Channels

In the last 10-12 years, there’s been an enormous transformation in the social media culture. This is the time of year when you can access more information on the Internet. This means that we’re always in the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and we can’t get rid of it. The majority of marketers are aware of the importance of social media. Consequently, 90% of brands utilize social media for branding awareness.


In 2021, companies will be more reliant on social media platforms for showcasing their services and products, making it an integral element of their strategy for branding. Brand evangelists will develop new ways to keep the same look with social media accounts, for example, ensuring the same visual style. In addition to visuals, social media profiles will reflect the tone of voice that the brand uses – whether it’s punny formal, formal, or informal!


Consistency in content is also a possibility following each platform. In, e.g. the same way, Twitter generally supports textual content, and Instagram focuses on visual content, while Pinterest and Instagram depend more on images. Social media branding is a trend expected to be dominant in 2023 and in the years to come.


Creating out-of-the-Box Landing Pages

While landing pages aren’t something new and have been an integral part of branding, the next couple of years will see an increase in the creation of landing pages that are engaging to convert leads, inform your target audience, and create excitement. Look at the trends in visual branding in 2023. You’ll see many more landing pages that showcase interaction, motion, and a variety of other functions.


With the help of scripting, landing pages can make your message stick out. While simultaneously improving search engine optimization, your conversion rate, and marketing efforts.


Taking Resort to Official or Branded Hashtag

This year is expected to see increased use of official hashtags because hashtags are a fantastic way to boost the engagement of customers. The hashtag acts as an instrument that guides one across the sea of social media and locates the exact product, brand, or individual they are looking for.


In the same way, official hashtags can connect brands with their intended audience more quickly and increase the brand’s visibility. Statistics show that 70% of hashtags have been promoted through Instagram. As part of their branding efforts, the brands could ask their clients to show off their latest purchases using the hashtag for the brand. The user-generated content is highly effective in establishing brand awareness. In addition, monitoring this content can provide insight into how the target segment of customers perceives your product.


Wrapping Up!



If you’ve made it to this page in the past, you could be eager to know about fashions in branding for 2022! Just kidding!

How to create a brand for 2021 is the question everyone is seeking right today. It’s the perfect moment to rethink and redefine your brand with the trends in mind. Sure, the trends discussed above are in the early stages. However, they’re worth considering when planning future branding strategies.

Creating a memorable brand image could be difficult. Still, it’s not as difficult as it appears when these trends are considered. Be gentle with yourself, but be prepared for any shift in fashion.

If you need any adjustments or adjustments to your existing branding, we’re an email or phone call away. Our team of experts is constantly informed about what the digital marketing industry is heading and can assist you in navigating the changes and being prepared for 2023!

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