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Communicating With Your Logo Designer

Communication forms the basis of all businesses and services. The trust between your client and you is built up on how transparent your communication channels are. The same rules apply when you hire a professional logo designer to create your brand logo. It is important to establish trust between the logo designer and yourself and at the same time keep the channel open for feedback or adjustments. Today let’s take a look at some of the questions that you need to ask a professional design artist, to ensure a hassle-free experience for both. 

Clarity on price estimation:

The main reason why small businesses and entrepreneurs end up with stock images as their logos, or some poorly designed picture on their product, is because of the fees charged by a professional. But they often forget that this investment is what sets a professional logo apart from an amateur one. While it was lucky for Twitter that their first logo was bought for an approximate $15, you cannot expect the same bargain to turn out ideal in your situation.

Apart from the expertise of the designer, you would also be paying them for their time and effort. This cannot be quantified in $X/hour. Designing a logo from scratch or redesigning one requires not just the creative nuances of the whole team, but also involves hours of background research and market study. Always ask for a proposal first and understand the breakdown before you request for adjustments.

Creating a timeline:

Different people work at a different pace. What might appear to you as a task that doesn’t take more than a day, might need fewer or longer hours if carried out by someone else. Voicing out your ideal timeline for deliverables is the best option to go forward with. It is always better to break down the project and ask for key deliverables instead of just setting a goal for the entire finished product. Having short term milestones enables the designer to be on track and makes it easier for you to transition into your new logo. 

And most importantly respect each other’s time, don’t keep unrealistic expectations when deciding on a deadline. 

Going through a portfolio:

A professional logo artist will never come empty-handed. You can always check their website or ask them directly for their portfolio. It is important to hire a designer who is well experienced in the niche you’re looking for. Take time out to go through their profile , check their previous work and read up on client testimonials. A professional will always welcome questions should you have any, regarding their design process, their creative style or anything that intrigues you.

It is decidedly a difficult task to find a professional logo designer to fit all your requirements, but it’s not impossible! At TIG Media, you will find a design team that is as professional and flexible as it can get. With a glowing clientele list and years of experience in designing logos for virtually every industry, we assure you the best fit for your budget. Contact us today to get a proposal.

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