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Digital Marketing Company in Trivandrum

Any good marketing strategy is characterized by its ROI, the ease of maintaining and deploying the ads and lastly the most important part-how it is received by the target audience. Bigger brands on social media and their accounts online are so commonplace now that consumers don’t think twice about it. This ease of accessibility and the brand reach is not gained overnight. There are many factors that come into play when you launch your business on special media. But if you are debating on whether social media marketing is the way to go, this article will help bring in some clarity.



Facebook & Instagram: How Far is Their Reach?


Let’s first begin with the most common and the largest social media networks there are -Facebook & Instagram.

With 500 million users Facebook is easily the largest social media network there is. Needless to say it has been on the forefront of social marketing offering a host of packages and services to businesses small and big, to advertise and grow their social media presence on its platform. 



  • Target specific ads: Facebook offers not just access to a wide host of audience, but also allows you to target your ads. With their algorithm they are able to help identify potential consumers and showcase ads of their interest. On Facebook you can have text ads, rich visual ads and can immediately reach your potential consumers.
  • Communities, fan pages & business pages: Having an online social media account helps you interact with your existing customers, chat with them, resolve complaints and at the same time reach more users through share buttons and likes. 
  • Ad tools: Facebook allows a host of tools to business owners to help manage their social accounts. You can have automated messages, track your interactions all through a very user-friendly interface. 



Instagram is one of the most visually engaging social media marketing platforms you can find today. It’s to be noted that 90% of users follow at least one brand account on Instagram. And on an average each user spends nearly an hour on the gram. With millions of stories being posted online, people tagging their favourite brands and location of their favourite restaurant or pubs, and the rise of social media influencers, it’s easy to see how Instagram can prove useful to you. 


Like Facebook

Instagram has also come up with various social media engagement tools to help businesses. Their latest offering-Instagram reels are known to increase reach drastically if you know how to use it. Around 4 million small businesses use Instagram stories as ads. People are more keen to explore a brand when they can actually see the products, watch other consumers use them and review them online. With ad tools on business accounts that help you track your engagements, businesses are finding it easier to market themselves on Instagram.



However if you are a business owner, it is but natural to understand that you may not be able to spend the 6 hrs a week on each social media platform which is the average required to have a thriving presence online. Rest assured, you will find a host of marketing professionals in Trivandrum, Kerala who are here to help. Explore our social media marketing packages to know how we can help curate your ads, and posts to increase your brand reach through social media. 

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