CB alphabet conceptually represents the shape of heart that represents our passion for excellence. Eagle’s face represents powerful attitude, strength and our determination to carry out responsibilities and commitment to our customers. 25 years of prestigious tradition is highlighted in the background as high rise buildings.


Innovative Legal Solutions

A strong pillar represents years of experience in legal profession. Our powerful commitment to move and protect our client’s interest is placed on top of the pillar, through capital “S” that represent service as our priority.

Innovative Legal Solutions- legal Logo Designing
Innovative Legal Solutions- legal Logo Branding

Building a brand value is a complex process, involving among other media & marketing strategies; the very simple concept of logos. The terms ‘logos’ & ‘brands’ are often used interchangeably, thus confusing entrepreneurs who end up with too much expectations from just a visually appealing logo. While a logo is no doubt an integral part of branding, it’s just the very step to be taken towards building an image of your company or organization before the consumers.

You build a brand, by providing quality services/products to the customer, it’s our work to ensure that your identity is preserved by designing a unique logo apt for your intended audience. The perfect synchronization of the logo with the branding strategy of your company can give you the exposure you have been looking for.

If your company has already made its presence felt in the market & you’re looking for some creative renovation, then redesigning your logo could be a wise choice. Visual branding your innovation & passion can earn you new found favouritism amongst your target consumers.

So how do we go about it? First we begin by a one-on-one chat with you, clarifying the very essence of your business model. We try to understand your ideals, the product/service you offer & only then we proceed with our suggestions for a prospective logo design. If you are taking your first steps into a business venture, then we are the right people to get in touch with. Armed with the latest tricks of the trade & a creative team that settles for nothing less than the best, we shall hand over a logo that will stay put in your customers’ minds.

Wait no more. Give us a call or a drop a mail now, to review our samples or for consultation.