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Why Building A Competitive Logo Design Is Crucial in Kerala

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, staying ahead of everyone is not easy. If you are an entrepreneur or someone who is planning on relaunching your brand, one key factor that can bring you success is a simple logo. The small sq inch of space that you will use holds the power to make or break your marketing game.

Drawing attention to your brand:

A good logo need not be something extraordinary. Labels like Nike have proven that a simple tick-mark can also gain recognition when combined with the right tagline and idea. But that does not mean we stick to the minimal alone. Logos design in Kerala needs to highlight the business in the easiest manner without creating any confusion in the minds of the consumers. They should be modelled after your products/services while keeping in touch with creativity.

Keeping up with the competition on Logo Design:

It is a good practice to keep one’s competitors in mind when designing your logo. It’s true that no one likes a copycat, but hey, your competitors have already tested the market for you! You can use that knowledge and decide if you wish to stick to a similar type of trend or go out of the box and throw some shade at your rival!

Out of sight is out of mind:

Once we have cleared the above two crucial stages, we can come down to the aesthetic appeal and attractiveness of the logo. There are various means to go about it.
Your logo can be

Vintage/Retro: This is for brands that have been in business for decades and are perhaps going online i.e. creating their social media presence or relaunching under a fresh merger/takeover. Keeping in line with the traditional values, a vintage logo is ideal for such a business.

Hip & quirky: For brands that have today’s youth in mind, and want to attract the Gen Z/X etc, a quirky take on your logo will instantly make it attractive. Kids will love to take a picture with the said logo in their selfies and upload it to their social media. All of us have seen those photos with the sly nod to the latest Playstation, or Xbox lying around in the backdrop.

Artistic: This kind of logo comes in handy when you’re in the creative business. An event organizing company will do well adding an artistic touch to their logo thus successfully portraying their expertise. Fashion brands & merchandise manufacturers have most often made use of an artistic play on colours and ideas when designing their image.

Trendy: Just last year Dairy Milk dropped the words from their packaging to support Age UK. And recently we saw companies like McDonald’s & Volkswagen redesigning their logo to keep the letters apart sending out a message on safety for everyone. Keeping up with the times and being thoughtful goes a long way to impress consumers.

In short, the logo plays a key role in amplifying your brand value and should by no means be taken lightly. Contact our logo design team in Trivandrum today to help us help you achieve the maximum impact with a creative & competitive logo.


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