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7 Top Creative Brochure Designing Tips

In an economy overwhelmed by hashtags and Facebook ads, print mediums such as brochures are the perfect medium to grab your consumer’s attention. While a significantly planned brochure distinctly and succinctly defines what your business entails and what can you offer to your customers, a poorly designed brochure, as the specialists of an established brochure designing company in Trivandrum point out, will chase away any potential consumers.
Before we get into the top brochure designing ideas, let us take a quick look at the following facts:
A brochure is a print medium of advertising which offers information on who you are, what you offer, where are you located, and sometimes, even the tariffs involved to avail your products and services.
Brochures are always a single sheet that could either be bi-folded (two folds) or tri-folded (three folds).
Additionally, they can either be half-folded, c-folded, z-folded, double-folded, or m-folded
The factors, as mentioned above, help in designing the content and outlook of a brochure.
Let us now discuss the top 7 creative brochure designing tips.


What is the purpose of designing the brochure? Is it to highlight your products and services? Are you organizing an event? Do you want your customers to participate in a contest? Is it purely for advertisement purposes? A clear, concise objective behind creating a brochure is the first step in designing it.

Maintain brand identity

Do not deviate from your style guide. Maintain the brand logo, colours, and preferably design. Uniqueness and effectiveness can be highly rewarded only if they speak effectively of your brand.

Restrain fonts

While using a few different fonts to highlight specific sections of a brochure is perfectly alright, going overboard with using every font you like not only spoils the creativity but may also discourage your potential customers. Try to stick to the company font (if any) and add a couple more to spice it up.

Consider functionality

What happens to the brochure once the planned event or campaign is over? It goes straight to trash. Instead, if you add small elements of surprise, like a calendar or a cut-out coupon or perhaps a set of beautifully printed flowers, it can make a huge impact on your audience.

Incorporate shapes

Just because it’s a brochure, it doesn’t always have to be the same old boring rectangle leaflet. They can be square, circles, hearts, or even three-dimensional. Experiments and boldness are the keys to make a statement that stands out.

Choose material wisely

Instead of picking the usual glossy brochure paper, try using recyclable material. Not only does it create a different texture, but it also shows your customers that your brand believes in being environment-friendly. Now, that’s a positive thought, don’t you think?

Try die cut

As the professionals of the brochure designing company in Trivandrum illustrate, die cuts can create intriguing windows to reveal only bits and pieces of information. For instance, a die-cut design on a brochure with a photograph (of a celebrity attending your event) could reveal only certain features of the face and hide the rest until the brochure is unfolded.
Keep in mind that to create an effective brochure, you must be willing to invest time in crafting the perfect design. Before finalizing, ensure that you get your copyright and that you have all the essential details. Last but not least, don’t restrict your creativity and let your ideas pour.


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