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A Quick Look At What’s Trending In Logo Design in 2021

Innovation is tied deeply to necessity; brands evolve, redesign and relaunch just to cater to the need to stay in the spotlight. With iconic brands too having to embrace the change, it is the right time for you to take a second look at your branding in 2021.

Trends are everywhere, be it in the fashion industry, technology or advertising. But sadly not all that’s trending is naturally ideal for you. Never make the mistake of simply picking up the most popular logo and blindly imbibing the style into your brand. It’s always a good idea to study the trend thoroughly before coming to a decision.

So what is  trending in logo designs in 2021? Let’s elaborate on the popular design forms and their various pros & cons:

  1. Using Negative Space logo:

This is one perilous yet top trending design since 2020. Utilizing the white space between the actual design to subtly hint at a word or symbol, is a classic form of logo art. FedEx is one of the more popular brands that have managed to pull this off with ease. While this trend has been around for longer, it is gaining popularity as designers are looking at more creative ways to implement a brand identity. However we advise you to tread with caution as soon these designs may look homogenous with everyone jumping on the bandwagon.

  1. Logo with Soft Colour Palette:


While the need to stand out (often with eye-popping shades) has always been underlying in all logo designs till date, we see a rising inclination towards softer hues among designs. Pastel colours, and muted shades in the palette are often used these days to bring a sense of serenity and aesthetic appeal to the brand. If you are unsure of changing the entire colour palette, you can always choose to combine it with typographical styles and emblems to give it a more unique look.

  • Letterforms & Emblems logo :

These have been around for ages and are always a fail safe way to design a logo. However unless your design is loaded with creativity that manages to capture the audience’s eye instantly, you run the risk of riding with the common masses. Minimalist logo designs are tricky to get right and require the eye of an experienced designer. When playing around with typography or seals/mascots etc, enough research needs to be done to ensure your brand stands out amongst the masses.

The above being the rising trends in logo designs in 2021, now the question arises as to which one to pick for your product? It is not a decision to be made in a hurry, because what may appear pleasing to your eyes might end up impossible to replicate in the medium of your choice. And if you happen to be slacking on your research, your logo might end up too similar to your rivals!

So why not leave all these tedious tasks to our expert logo artist in TIGMedia. We are happy to offer your pick at  the best logo design ideas of 2021, while you can sit back and focus on other aspects of your branding. Contact us today to get quotes on our amazing logo designing packages.


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