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Carving A Brand Identity In the Market, logo designing company in Bangalore


A business’s brand identity is not interchangeable with its brand image. While it may sound similar, a brand identity is essentially how the consumer identifies the particular brand amongst the many providing the same services. This being said, you can imagine how crucial it is for a company to ensure that they do not end up nondescript in the crowd. If you are interested to learn how to stand unique and create a strong and memorable identity for your brand Tig media logo designing company in Bangalore, read on.

What are the components of brand identity?


Brand colour palette

Consistency in content


These are some of the easily identifiable visual aids that help a brand create their unique identity. Let’s take a look at how logos play a vital role in this process.


The first step to building brand identity Logo


A logo is not your identity. But then it is also not a disposable factor when it comes to branding. Here are some commission mistakes that people end up committing when designing this important piece of the puzzle.

Follow the herd:

Often budding entrepreneurs check out famous logos by other brands in the same service and decide to use that as a base to design their own. While it may seem like a good idea to follow in the footsteps of the more successful names, you must remember that this bright idea may have occurred to many others in the same industry! That would leave you in a sea of similar looking logos leaving the consumer disgruntled and mistaking you for a rip-off even.

Follow the trend:

As risky it is to follow in the footsteps of age-old designs, it’s also unhealthy to quickly jump on to any trends. Trends are compiled every year by branding agencies and most budding designers waste no time in copying the same. This again leads to a mass of indistinguishable designs that leaves neither a happy consumer nor a satisfied brand.

Staying stereotypical:

Stereotypes are best avoided when one is looking to stand apart from the crowd. While you may be tempted to go with a design that best showcases your product, keep in mind that others in the same service may also base their logos in the same manner. Here’s where creativity comes to play, giving you a logo that does its job while breaking the stereotype.

Getting too abstract:

As already emphasized before, a logo is not a standalone entity that will guarantee your brand identity. Nevertheless it is a risk to get too creative or abstract when designing the same. Keep in mind that a logo needs to be relatable and even when placed out of context, a consumer should have an instant recollection of the brand just by looking at it.

A good logo design is built with proper research and brand analysis. Contact our group of talented logo designers in TIG Media Bangalore for a wholesome experience in creating your brand identity. Drop a line today to get quotes on our services and packages.


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