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Digital Illustration in 2021: Why It’s A Must For Brands

With the new work from home lifestyle that we are all settling into, it is needless to say that much of this time is spent in front of a flat screen. Be it your mobile device, laptop or in rare cases television, staying in has resulted in heightened increase in consumption of online data. And leading researchers have now concluded that this has indeed affected our attention span as well, with the average person not willing to read or watch something if it doesn’t catch their fancy in the first 5-10 seconds!

Given the above data, anyone can see why visual marketing will gain momentum and have new trends emerging, as we enter another year. Brands cannot simply ignore the old adage that a picture says a thousand words, because right now, no one has the time to read even a hundred! So while taglines and catchy slogans are still essential to a brand, currently the limelight shines on visual marketing and most importantly the art of digital illustration.

How is Digital Illustration Any Different?

Digital illustration is not just someone sitting in front of a computer, fiddling with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. A digital illustrations must have in-depth knowledge of art along with the latest editing tools in the market. While many argue that only art drawn in a traditional manner qualifies as real art, there is no denying that both digital and normal art require a huge amount of creativity and patience.

Digital art can be either raster or vector based, while the latter is much more preferred when it comes to scalable art. This is the major attraction that digital art holds – ability to be rendered on any platform, to any scale without any loss in quality.

Where Is Digital Illustration Used?

It is not just a logo design that might need digital illustration. There are plenty of applications of digital art in visual marketing infographics, videos, animations and photos, all need the magical touch of a digital illustration.

With ads being displayed in games, on websites and social media apps, the struggle to become eye-catchy arises. From vibrant 3D typographical designs to nostalgic voxel art, and life-like animation, your brand’s ads will be able to hold the attention of the target audience with ease. Your branding will now be limited only by your imagination!

In short, digital illustration is one aspect of brand marketing that is always worth splurging on. TIG Media boasts of a dedicated team of digital illustrators, proficient in state-of-the-art tools and years of experience in rendering their clients’ needs to life. You can always trust us for high quality artwork that is made to compete in today’s market and achieve success. Contact our team of digital illustrations in Trivandrum for a sample and quotes today.


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