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Logo designing has always played a pivotal role in branding, no matter what industry your business belongs to. And thus it is pertinent to the marketing of a business, that the right logo design be selected. Designing is a form of art, and while there might be a strong opinion that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, logo designers are here to ensure that the beholders are indeed captivated for sure!

So in the world of fast changing styles, creative whims and the persistent “#FOMO-Fear of Missing Out”, how do you work to stay consistent and yet have a logo identify you as a brand that keeps up with the times? What works in locking in the attention of the intended audience and ensuring a good ROI?

This is where the world of 3D logo design will help you out. 

Why 3D logos?

  • Strong Visual Impact Implies Better Engagement: 

3D designs carry with them the power to visually attract anyone, whether they are interested in the brand or not. Eye-catching and colorful in a vivid manner, 3D logo designs leave a longer imprint which means that there are more chances of the person later recognizing and opting for your brand. The trend these days is to have not just 3D , but also animated logos, that are brilliant for social media, and film or TV campaigns.  3D logos are ideal if your brand thrives on colour, grandeur and spontaneity. Few examples are of various online gaming companies, toys and infant product based brands. 


  • Gain Media Compatibility and Ease of Versatility:

With the advent of technology, and logo designing tools like the Illustrator, Coral Draw etc, it has become easier to see what your logo will look like on any kind of media. This gives you the added advantage of a logo that stands out and yet can be rendered online, on print and in any format with ease. Furthermore with a 3D logo, you can afford to be versatile; change is no longer a big concern and you can focus yourself on improving the brand without having to worry about how your logo is faring.

There are a wonderful amount of options should you choose to go for a 3D logo design for your brand. Starting from stunning animation to vivid imagery and classy typography, the list only grows. 

While you may find a lot of online tools to help with logo designing, to take your brand to greater heights, you will definitely need a logo that is created by an experienced artist who understands the key aspects of design. From colour psychology to knowing the difference between standing out and being a visual disaster, a professional team of logo designers is always a smart investment.

Our 3D logo design team based in Trivandrum,  Contact us today to get the best options in 3D logo designs.


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