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Why Designing Your Own Logo May Not Be The Brightest of Ideas

So you are an entrepreneur and starting off your own business. Funds are tight and you are yet to build a strong client base. You have to cut down on costs and make the most of what is at hand. So maybe designing  your own logo will save you a few bucks. I mean how hard can it be, there are plenty of free online logo creation websites and you already know what your logo should look like. Right? 


Not always.


Agreed that with ease of access to softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and other graphic designing websites, it has become a child’s play to design or edit images. So why should you pay a hefty sum to get your logo professionally designed?

What self designing logos will mean:

Affordable, quick and easy to design, online logo self-design websites will claim all these pros to lure into availing their packages. But before you click on the pay now button, take a look at what you might get yourself into.


  • Amateurish Logo: The difference between a professionally done logo and one created online using low cost tools, will be as clear as the day. The same way you dress for the job you want and not the one you have, your logo should appeal to the clients you want, and not reflect the budget you’re on. If the logo looks unprofessional, so will your brand.


  • Lack of uniqueness: Online logo design websites often showcase the latest trends in the market and there is always a hint of the familiar when you compare the logo templates. In a world where every brand strives to stay unique, relying on an online logo template will only bring you down as being one of those brands. 


  • Redesigning costs: Unlike professional logos, self designed logos will need a lot of rework because they are not versatile enough. Many websites give you raster images instead of vector that makes the logo reproduction a daunting task. Or maybe you might end up with stock images which cause further legal complications.


  • Lack of personal touch: A logo should speak for the company and incorporate your brand factor seamlessly into the design. Online logo templates will hardly give you the flexibility to do this, and you will end up compromising on that personal touch that every successful brand boasts of.


Most important point to be noted when designing your logo, is the appeal to the market. Consumers are intelligent and can be trusted to know the brand value and do their research before purchasing any product. A low budget, self designed logo will stand out like a thorn and while your product might be cutting edge, a low first impression will bring down your sales. 


This is why you should hire professional logo designers like TIGMedia where you can find original, unique and affordable design options. TIGMedia will give you the futuristic logo design, created to reflect your brand identity and brand value. Hire a professional logo design service to gain valuable brand identity and market presence. Contact us today for a quote.


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