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Creating A Mark in Global Wellness With Your Website



The global wellness economy stands strong at $4.5 trillion market value, comprising various sectors like healthy eating, fitness, personal care & beauty, and workplace wellness to name a few. In keeping with the current times, this industry has seen unparalleled growth in revenue and along with it fierce competition. If you are an emerging online health and fitness brand then this is the right place to know how to get started on increasing your brand value.

Why is a website an important part of your brand?


You may wonder what role does a website have to play in the age of Instagram influencer backed promotions and targeted ads. What most brands fail to realise is that a website is the stepping stone to creation of a stable business and adds the touch of professionalism and reachability to their services. 

A website makes your services and products easily accessible to the market. Rather than sending a DM to your Instagram account, customers would always prefer to browse a website and place an order with you online. 


What should your website include?


The key is to understand that the website is but an extension of your business. Potential customers or financiers will always first click on your website before moving further with you. Here are some essential tips on making your website stand out and hold the attention of the targeted reader:

  • Invest in a good SEO package:

      SEO friendliness ensures that your website is most likely to show up when anyone searches for the specific products or services that you offer. With a faster loading website, packed with essential keywords and user friendly design, you will be able to gain more sales.

  • Testimonials:

    Health and wellness forms an industry that relies on people’s sentiments. More often than not marketing strategies are built on the rising concerns of the people regarding beauty, fitness and well-being. Including testimonials from credible sources are a good way to convince your audience that your products work and what’s more; it’s a really great way to retain the loyalty of your existing clients.

  • A professional logo:

    Whether you’re a known name in the health industry or a newbie, know that looks matter! A professionally designed logo along with your brand colours will create product association and credibility to your brand name. Trademarked logo on websites, social media accounts and other marketing media and even in your merchandise will make sure that our brand visibility is always on top.

TIG Media has been a leader in creating brand solutions for new and emerging business as well as offering rebranding and logo repair services to small businesses. If you are looking to step on to the role of a global wellness brand and are hunting for a partner to lead you to the forefront, look no further. At TIG Media, our designers and digital marketers have perfected the process of creating a brand out of an idea. Contact us today to get your quote or check our website to see the services we offer. website designing company in Trivandrum.

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