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Social Media: How to Attract, Engage & Retain Followers

Recent times have proven now more than ever, the perks of having a strong social media presence.  With more and more companies opting to allow employees to work from home, we are seeing a huge surge in online traffic, be it on entertainment streaming platforms or social media apps. Giants like Microsoft, Facebook etc have not left any stone unturned to capitalize on this rich trend and are constantly on the lookout for taking over any up & coming app. Everybody agrees social media marketing is here to rule.

If you are thinking of investing in paid social media marketing, or even venturing out to test the waters using the free services many apps allow, now is the perfect time to begin. But lest your efforts go to waste, it is important to keep the following points in consideration.

Know Your Audience.

This is something all brands should be aware of  already-the demography of their market. But how is this knowledge used when you’re aiming for online engagement?

Take for example the corporate media app- LinkedIn. Now if your products were related to workplace and professional services, this is where the ads will generate maximum ROI. A furniture brand or an ISP will gain from advertising using LinkedIn, while if you were an online streaming app, your focus should be more on Facebook or Instagram which people browse in their leisure.

Attract, Engage & Retain.

Now that you have figured out which apps to use when, the next step is attracting traffic to your official account. It pays to have a verified account in this case so that people are easily able to locate you on social media. More often than not, consumers take to tweeting or tagging brands and labels in case they have a compliment or a complaint. An immediate response not only appeases the consumer but also shows that the brand cares enough, building trust and hence helping in retaining users.

Knowing social media algorithms is key.

While building a fan base in apps like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok mostly the target is to capture the shorter attention span of the followers, who will not stick around to read something if it does not seem catchy enough in the first 3-5 seconds of appearing in their feed. Similarly knowing the right hashtags is also important if you wish to be discovered or get trending.

Audience Participation.

Everyone likes their 15 minutes of fame. When brands engage with the audience, replying to their tweets and comments, it creates a sense of approachability and becomes key to ensuring a trusting relationship with the consumer. Followers are more likely to retweet or repost such interactions thus leading to greater brand visibility.

Consistency is Key.

Once you have attained an ideal amount of followers, a more daunting task awaits-how to retain them? Always follow the adage that out of sight is out of mind. Posting consistently and staying up to date on the latest trends is the key to achieving a loyal fan base.

If all this sounds like a lot of hard work to you, then let us guide you! Read our testimonials on how we have managed to build a strong social media presence for our clients. Contact us Tig media today to get started.


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