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The year 2021 made us see so much globally and in digital space. While the entire world went online considering the pandemic around, the numbers in the SEO analytics looked different from what they were before. It’s time we take a look at what is in store for Search Engine Experts in 2021 and ahead.
In this post, we will walk you through Google’s latest algorithms, what will continue to work, and how can SEO company in Trivandrum Kerala help you.

SEO Trend 1: The Voice Search

Users love talking to Siri and Google Assistant. Isn’t it? What they love more is giving orders to the device they use. “Google, can you find the nearest supermarket?” In 2017, Google recorded 33 million voice search queries. Additionally, people who do not use the voice search, type the way they speak. So, in 2021 people were using long-tail search queries. Further, most of the voice queries are for the local business search.
Tip: Optimize your website for local SEO

SEO Trend 2: Featured Snippets

The featured snippet will continue to dominate in the year 2021. It has been around for years and hopefully will stay in the future. For a prime reason, that snippet gets more attraction than organic searches. The user gets the answer to his query without clicking any link. Tip: Aim for question-based search queries

SEO Trend 3: Influencers for Strong SEO

While Google wants to give importance to businesses that have strong credibility, SEO professionals are leveraging on Influencers. Consumers rely on reviews, discussions on products, and suggestions from friends. Hence, influencers play a major rule in pulling a brand’s visibility. Tip: Ensure you fit in the keywords right with every Influencer campaign

SEO Trend 4: Video A New Friend

Like Google love videos, users too love to watch them. 62% of Google's global search includes video search. Include videos on your website, within your blog, make the best use of YouTube marketing. Tip: Make creative videos that go well with your website content.

SEO Trend 5: High-Quality Content

Lengthy articles increasing the view time of your page. It is one of the best ways to tell Google that readers engage with your website for long. This further tells us that they spend time reading your informational content. That’s it! There you go…That’s what Google wants.
Tip: Write meaningful lengthy content
Some factors will continue to stay in the coming years. So, as an SEO expert, make your plan wisely. To ensure you are following all norms of SEO, connect with an SEO team in Trivandrum that can ease your load to market your business. When you outsource the SEO service to a professional, you can concentrate on your prime business and the experts will do the best for you.
Here’s why an SEO agency is a must need for any business
* Google algorithms are ever-changing. To keep a tap on what’s happening is difficult for
someone who is not an SEO expert.
*  Changes needed now and then cannot be handled by an amateur
*  The professionals can do it the right way


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