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The importance of a well-designed logo for any business; big or small, can and be overstated. It is a basic tool through which a customer recognizes you. Furthermore, it is very important to have a logo that allows you to compete well. In this article, the CEO of a reputed logo design company in Trivandrum talks about the top 8 logo design trends of 2020. We have also explained each design trend with a popular logo. Let’s begin!

1. Simple and Clean Logo 

Well! At first reading, the title sounds contradictory to the purpose of creating a logo. However, dig a little deeper and it implies a clear yet easy to perceive a logo. You have to aim for clean aesthetics which is the trend today everywhere in the e-world. Take a look –

Walmart, the world’s largest corporation by revenue has been using this logo for a while. It has a history of logo change but its logos have always stuck to the simple approach.

2. Typographic Fonts 

Typography never went out of fashion and probably never will. Typographic fonts should be appealing at first sight for the customer. Take care not to overdo it and ensure easy legibility. An example is given below –

The almost 200-year-old Cadbury’s brand wholly owned by Mondelez has been using this logo since the beginning. Also, maintaining this consistency, we don’t think there is going to be any change soon.

3. Zigzag Arrangements 

Such logos are for those brands who want to keep the spirit of rebellion burning and alive and are especially used by brands that target the young population. Such logos are eye-catching and hold the viewer’s attention which is crucial. However, ensure that the font is still readable. Look at the logo below –

Toyota, the Japanese automobile giant, the tenth-largest corporation in the world by revenue has used this logo throughout its history.
4. Geometry & Text Combinations 
Logos consisting of geometric letters can have a very pleasant effect on the minds of the viewer. After all, geometry along with the text is a striking combination. Ensure that the shapes are not too confusing.

5. Emblem Style 
Take a trip down the nostalgic route with emblem style logos. Ensure that the logo does not give out an outdated look. Rather it gives out a look which is a combination of modernity and tradition. Such logos are mostly associated with iconic brands.

6. Scaling 
Scaling can be used when you want to highlight certain parts of the logo over others. However, the non-highlighted parts should also be prominently visible. The overall effect of the logo should be subtly and not be too biased.

7. Text Destruction
Prima facie, text destruction appears contradictory to the idea of a logo. However, it is a good technique to create curiosity in the minds of the viewer and hence create paradoxical attention. This technique should be applied very selectively and thoughtfully.

8. Cluttered Design 
The CEO of this reputed logo design company in Trivandrum states that one should be very careful while attempting to create such a logo. The design can be cluttered but should be easy to read at the same time. A tough ask at any time!

With this, we come to the end of this article. We hope that the information provided in the article will help you choose a suitable logo design company and it becomes easy for you to decide a conceptual logo for your business. Always remember, you’re to the customer what your logo tells him/her.

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