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A Guide for Outdoor Brands on How to Design the Perfect Outdoorsy Logo


The outdoorsy way of life is about getting back to basics, going on adventures, and enjoying nature. When making a brand for outdoor gear, it’s important to reflect these ideals. Your brand’s image is the first thing people see when they hear about it, so it should represent what your brand is all about.


We’ll show how to create the perfect outdoorsy logo for your brand by giving you tips and tricks:
A group of people camping in front of a lake surrounded by trees. In the background, the sun is setting over a mountain range. The colours, shapes, and other parts of this picture show what people who like being outside love.
Colours are an important part of making the best logo for outdoor use.
It’s important to think about the colours you choose for your image. Different colours are associated with different outdoor activities:

Camping Brands

When making a mark for an outdoorsy brand that sells camping gear, colours like green and blue that are found in nature can show that the brand is focused on the outdoors. These colours reflect the lush greenery and sparkling water that is often found in and around campgrounds. They also give off a sense of calm and peace, which is what campers look for when they go outside to go camping. As a person who loves camping, when I go shopping for camping gear, I am immediately pulled to colours that remind me of what I love about camping. Using colours in your image that look like nature and make people feel calm will definitely help you reach your target audience.


Hiking Logos

Greys, burnt oranges, and greens are the best colours for hiking names. These colours show the terrain of the trails, and they make you feel like you’re going on an exciting journey. If you run a local business that targets travellers in a certain area, it’s a good idea to use the colours of that area. For example, if you make boots for Red Rocks in Utah, use the colours of those rocks in your name.

Outdoor Gear Brands Focused on Water Sports

Surfers and people who enjoy many other water sports often choose bright colours. The thrill and excitement of crashing waves and rough rivers are shown in these colours. Using neons to make an outdoor adventure logo will make it look like the sun, which is important for people who like water sports. Roxy, Catch Surf, and Sex Wax all use this approach. It makes their logos stand out when they are used as stickers on surfboards, which is a popular form of art among surfers. This is especially helpful at competitions where pictures are taken because the logo that gets the most attention gets free advertising.

Shapes: Show what kind of outdoor brand you are.

Your logo’s shapes are a great way to show what your business is all about. Like colours, different shapes are linked with different outdoor activities.
Shapes to Use in Camping and Hiking Logos
If your outdoor business is focused on land-based activities, here are some shapes to think about:
Designs for Mountain Brands: Use a form that is somewhere between abstract triangles and detailed mountains capes. Use forms that look like the peaks and valleys of mountains to catch the attention of people who like mountains. One of the most famous mountain designs on the market is that of Patagonia. It’s a profile of the Cerro Fitz Roy mountains because that was the favourite mountain of the company’s founder, Yvon Chouinard. This is on the more complicated end, while the logos for Dakine and Marmot are more abstract, with triangular forms that vaguely look like mountain peaks.

Ideas for Forest Logos:


Trees are a clear choice, but it’s important to choose the right kind of tree. There are so many choices, like Joshua trees, redwoods, Douglas firs, and sequoias. Make sure you find out what kinds of trees grow in the places where your audience likes to go. On the other hand, adding pinecones or forest animals could help you stand out from other outdoor brands. Brands like Arc’teryx and Osprey have chosen the latter, with Arc’teryx’s logo being the skeleton of the oldest known bird, the Archaeopteryx, and Osprey’s image being, as the name suggests, an Osprey with its wings spread.

How to Make the Best Logo for Your Outdoorsy Water Gear Brand:


For water brands, using forms that look like waves or tides is a great way to show how exciting the ocean and rapids are. This could be a simple wavy line or a more complicated pattern with waves and droplets of water. Flowing water is a sign of excitement and adventure, and the best logos for outdoor activities capture these feelings. Some of the most well-known surf brands are Rip Curl and O’Neill. Wavesport makes boats, and Hala Gear makes paddleboards. All of these brands have waves in their logos.

Typography: What Your Outdoor Logo Needs to Stand Out

In addition to colours and styles, you should also think about the typeface you use for your outdoorsy logo. Your brand’s beliefs and personality should come through in the typeface you choose.

Fonts for Camping Brands:

Sans-serif fonts are a popular choice for camping brands. They are simple and straightforward and give off a clean, modern vibe, which is great for camping, which is usually quiet and simple.

Logos for hiking companies need to be bold and daring. For example, bold and daring designs are a must for hiking companies. These fonts have the energy and thrill of being outside, and they make you feel bold and sure of yourself.

Outdoor Water Sports Brands:


Handwritten or script-style fonts work well for water sports brands. Like the thrill of the waves and waterfalls, these fonts are fun and daring. They also make you feel free and creative, which is great for the free-spirited people who surf and love the water.


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